Double-sided PCB probe stand, impedance and loss testReturns list

For example, in addition to the structural materials of liquid rocket engine to withstand the impact of high tem

For example, in addition to the structural materials of liquid rocket engine to withstand the impact of high temperature, due to the existence of liquid hydrogen (boiling point -253℃), liquid oxygen (boiling point -183℃) and other low-temperature storage propellant, as well as ultra-low temperature (below -100℃) environment requirements, so the ideal structure of liquid rocket engine
The material should have excellent mechanical properties at low temperature. A medical instrument for cryopreservation that uses liquid nitrogen to cryogenically freeze the patient's local body, allowing quick and painless surgery after the body is solidified.
Wen Tian policy instrument technology in situ tensile tester stages, as can fit most of low temperature tensile testing machine test platform, through the accurate temperature control, achieve material mechanical performance test under different environmental temperature, thus accurate inspection of materials under different deformation temperature mechanical properties in a complex environment temperature for its service, provide data support.

Unidirectional tensile test at ultra-low temperature

For metallic materials, the service temperature significantly affects their mechanical properties. Under the condition of ultra-low temperature (77 K), the fracture strength and elongation of some metals increase significantly. And compared to the high temperature forming process will cause the material oxidation shortcomings, low temperature forming process does not exist
In such a problem, it provides a new way to improve the forming ability of metal forming process.
Ÿ material hardening and embrittlement
Ÿ material plastic deformation ability to change
The evolution of strain distribution more uniform Ÿ materials
Plastic deformation mechanism of Ÿ materials change
The influence of temperature on mechanical properties and deformation mechanism of specimens under uniaxial stress was tested by ultra-low temperature uniaxial tensile test.



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