Inplatin scientific instrument silicon photon test and measurement solution
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Livermore, calif., June 18, 2018 (world news) -- FormFactor, Inc. (nasdaq: FORM), a leading supplier of electrical testing and measurement in the semiconductor industry, today announced that it has deployed an integrated CM300xi detection solution, horizontal testing of silicon photon (SiPh) devices, for wafer manufacturers.The teams at GLOBALFOUNDRIES, FormFactor and Keysight worked together to ensure that the system was flexible enough to meet engineering requirements and deliver high throughput in mass production.

Silicon photonics can use optical signals rather than electrical ones to transmit large amounts of data at high speed.The silicon photonics market is gaining momentum in data centers, automobiles and other applications because it allows the use of silicon semiconductor manufacturing technology to make optical devices at low cost, with reduced power and size.The global silicon photonics market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 22.3 per cent between 2017 and 2025, according to Inkwood Research.

FormFactor's Cascade CM300xi combines with Keysight Technologies' Photonics Application Suite measurement software to provide industry-leading auto-alignment and simultaneous testing of optical and optoelectronic devices.The main functions of the system include:

Six axis automatic optical fiber positioning, accurate alignment

Two - stage solution for rough and fine alignment

Optical alignment algorithm is integrated with high-speed hardware control to reduce test time

FormFactor's SiPh software simplifies integration with nordisk's Photonics suite of applications and optical instruments

Customized scripts and test programs can optimize the system to achieve fast, accurate measurements

It is a high speed, single scan polarization correlation loss (PDL) test for high precision and repeatability without prior polarization alignment.

"GF's silicon photonics utilizes standard silicon fabrication techniques to improve productivity and reduce costs for customers deploying optical interconnect systems," said Jeffrey Lam, vice President, test and failure analysis, GF products."We are pleased to be at the forefront of deploying new test capabilities, including wafer-level solutions to enhance this important technology."

"We are pleased to further equip the silicon photonics industry with our long history of providing wafer measurement solutions in partnership with FormFactor and decades of photonics testing experience," said Joachim Peerlings, vice President and general manager of networks and data centers at isuke."With Keysight's Photonics suite of applications and instruments, we built a proven integrated measurement system that enables customers to quickly develop test routines to gain insight into optoelectronic devices during development and design verification, as well as flexibility and scalability to achieve cost effective and cost-effective solutions.Mass production.

Emerging technologies such as silicon photonics have provided FormFactor with the opportunity to develop a fully integrated probe system.GF is a forward-looking company in adopting these new testing technologies.""Said Mike Slessor, President and CEO of FormFactor."Our collaboration with TST and GF Singapore provides a solution that can truly address the unique testing and measurement challenges of silicon photonic devices."