LIV Characteristic Test Schemel


LIV is the photoelectric characteristic, which is a common method to verify the performance of laser diode and detector.A fast and reliable LIV testing system is important to the manufacturing of optoelectronic devices in order to reduce production costs and increase product throughput during wafer, cutting, core, and post-packaging aging testing.

According to the working principle of Laser Diode, technicians usually need to use the current source to drive LD work, and measure the light power of the optical power meter to complete the LIV characteristic test when the light is generated.In different stages of the test Chip test, for example, technicians will current source, voltmeter, ammeter, switch, synchronous trigger unit, optical power meter integrated to finish the test, at the same time before and after aging test need test data of each tube core or module compares, greatly increase the complexity of the system, influences the test accuracy and data reliability.

The LIV test system developed by xigu science and technology USES the Keithley precision source measurement unit as the core, and combines the test software CycleStar with the third-party equipment integrating sphere detector to complete the LIV test of LD.The system is simple in structure, high in precision, good in reliability, and fast in speed. While improving the production efficiency, it also increases the test accuracy and reliability, and reduces the test cost.