Characteristic Characterizatio


      For solar cell i-v (I - V) characteristic analysis about it is very important for the performance of some important parameters are derived, including the maximum current (Imax) and voltage (Vmax), the open circuit voltage (Voc), short circuit current (Isc) and efficiency (eta).The multi-group solar cell IV test system adopts the AAA level solar simulator of international standard to replace the traditional halogen lamp, xenon lamp and other light sources. It can fully simulate the solar spectrum in space and on the ground, and solves the matching problem of the incident spectrum of solar cells tested in the laboratory.The battery IV characteristic test instrument adopts the latest high-precision source measurement unit (SMU) of Keithley, which can measure ultra-wide photocurrent and dark current from 100fA to 10A, and can cover most battery power tests.The combination of the precision multiplex switch and the customized fixture for the shape of the customer's battery electrode enables continuous IV testing of the highest 60-way battery unit, greatly improving the testing accuracy, repeatability and efficiency.

      Valley science and technology of test scheme of each battery unit through CycleStar software can be independent or order IV characteristics test, show the IV characteristic curve and Isc, Voc, Pmax, FF, eta and battery parameters such as surface temperature, each battery unit test results can be stored in an EXCEL file, the battery can be surface uniformity distribution were analyzed.